With the invention of the Abrasive Flow Machining process, Extrude Hone Corporation developed an entirely new fi nish machining tool – a plastic, abrasive laden polymer with very special properties that allow it to selectively and controllably abrade surfaces that it flows across. A broad family of these abrasive medias are available to achieve a wide range of results from fine honing to aggressive surface removal.
With standard Abrasive Flow Machining the abrasive media is extruded back and forth through a workpiece. With ONE WAY FLOW Abrasive Flow Machining, the abrasive media fl ows through the tooling and workpiece in only one direction. 
The abrasive media fl ows through the tooling and the workpiece in only one direction
Media exits freely from the part resulting in
faster processing
Easier cleaning of the workpieces
Media cylinder
Available with different size of media cylinders: 8“ (200mm), and 10“ (250mm)
Flexible tooling and media delivery options

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