Modular electrolyte cleaning unit for improved efficiency in ECM production

To match today’s cost pressure and quality requirements in manufacturing, the market is forced create new methods in production in order to remain competitive. The HYDROM electrolyte-cleaning unit can be used as an add-on to ECM (Electrochemical Machining), supporting requirements for quality
improvements as well as having the benefits of competitive cost per part production.
Improved quality and process stability
Excellent electrolyte quality ensures constant gap conditions for improved quality and superior process stability.
Competitive cost/part production
– Reduce disposal costs on filter cake by 10% (HYDROM in combination with CFP-Chamber Filter Press).
– Reduce CFP cleaning time by up to 6x.
– Extended cathode tool life.
Increased machine availablity
HYDROM delivers constant electrolyte quality, even when proceeding to the CFP cleaning operation.
Modular unit (3000 – 9000 L/H) is adaptable and will meet all of your requirements with increased capacity for additional membranes.

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