Rapid and cost-effective deburring

The T350 and T450 thermal deburring machines provide fast and reliable solution for removing all internal and external burrs simultaneously in a single operation. They are designed to accommodate medium- to large- production volumes, as well as handle a variety of diffi cult
to deburr workpieces.
Available in multiple chamber sizes with maximum operating pressure of 23bar and shortest cycle time of 55 seconds
100 % deburring – cleanliness
Consistent, repeatable deburring of internal hard to reach intersected / cross-sectional holes and external contours of components.
Precise Gas metering via mass fl ow control
Mass fl ow control devices are used to accurately regulate the gas mixture to deliver the right pressure in the chamber.
Hydraulically secured closure plates
The deburring chamber is hermetically sealed off, eliminating contamination concerns and guaranteeing production safety.
User-friendly and expandable Programmable
Logic Controller (PLC) / HMI Software facilitates quick parameter set-up; convenient machine monitoring with integral fault
Integrated noise suppression enclosure
The enclosure prevents noise emissions into the production environment and ensures safety for the machine operator.
Signifi cant improvement in the productivity of the overall process of TEM in combination with post-washing