Economical production – for high quality products

The demand for better surface qualities and edge radiusing on machined components can be fulfilled only with fast and reproducible methods. The ECM process combines all of these methods for surface refinement (deburring, radiusing, polishing, marking, and contouring).
The attractively priced CLASSIC series presents a competitive alternative to the conventional machining methods, even for small, and medium-sized batches and provides you with all the benefi ts of the ECM proces
Low production costs
The performance-based underlying concept (system, equipment, and chamber fi lter press) promises you low production costs during operations.
Process reliability
The process controller continuously monitors the target/actual values of job relevant parameters for consistent machining quality.
Minimized tool wear
Short circuit monitoring before and during the process minimises tool wear for reduced operating costs.
Low space requirements
Compact, transportable unit with low space requirements.
Ergonomics and work safety
Working chamber cover and light curtain are standard to ensure safety and ergonomic during operations.

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