High precision flow measurement technology in a robust, production-ready system

This new MICROFLOW TEST design is the result of decades of fuel system processing experience on large scale automated systems. The new MICROFLOW TEST brings the same precision processing of a fully automated measure system, now packed into a smaller package as a stand alone machine.
The small scale robust design is scalable to your production requirements and delivers a combination of high precision, reliability, accuracy, and ease of use.
Pressure and temperature compensation
Accuracy of ±0.1% of measured value
Repeatability of ±0.25% of measured value
Flow rate displayed in mass or volumetric
flow with user configurable units
Robust industrial design setup for production environment
Remote service tracking and standardized components brings production stability.
Flexible manufacturing capability
Modular design enables scalable production to meet varying production needs.
Automation ready
Easily integrate into part handling and robotic cells.
Easy to use, easy setup
Intuitive controls and HMI

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