Individually configurable ECM system for improved efficiency in high-volume production

The ECLINE series is the perfect answer whenever burrs have to be specifically removed after turning, milling, grinding, honing, or reaming, as well as rounding edges or incorporating contours. The modular series is particularly suitablefor machining medium to large-batch quantities of workpieces.
Individually configurable ECM system
A modular design concept and various options create a tailor-made system.
Ergonomic and user-friendly
Specifically designed to meet the needs of the end user with features to reduce user fatigue and ensure ease of use.
Fast setup and change of tooling
Generously dimensioned machining area accommodates large workpieces and enables rapid tool change.
Controlled production
State-of-the-art control system stores and monitors all major process data.
Environmentally friendly design
Built-in features provide protection against spillage, corrosion, and vapors.
Ease of automation and integration
in production lines Defined interfaces are available as an option.

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