Reliable and fast deburring system concentrates maximum economy into minimum machine space

The C250 thermal deburring machine is designed to be a reliable and flexible deburring system. The C250 features a “C” throat press frame with a ram and toggle style locking mechanism that allows for fast cycle times and increased throughput. The C250 thermal deburring machine, designed for a max closing pressure of 250 US tons (2,224 kN), is available with three different chamber diameters – 7” (175mm), 8” (200mm), or 10” (250mm) – for perfectly meeting individual customer requirements.
Five process stations located on an indexing table  allow the C250 to perform high production deburring, while a stainless steel upper combustion chamber surrounded by a continuous flow water cooling ring ensures reliable operation.



Robust machine frame
Ram and toggle provides mechanical locking of combustion chamber and fast cycle times.

 Water cooling of the deburring chamber
Enables system to be used in continuous operation.

 Hydraulically operated gas charging system
Achieves consistent quality with high-precision gas delivery system.

User-friendly HMI with touch screen interface
Facilitates quick set ups and fine-tuning of parameters, convenient machine monitoring and operation, and integral fault diagnostics.

Touch screen interface
Convenient machine monitoring and operation.

Robust design
Hundreds in use in harsh environments.

Enhanced safety
Redundant ignition detection by thermocouple and accelerometer feedback.